Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 22

What is bent becomes whole.
What is crooked becomes straight.
What is empty becomes filled.
What is worn becomes renewed.
He who has little will gain.
He who has much will be confused.
Therefore the Saint clings to the One and becomes a pattern for all things.
He does not show himself; therefore he shines.
He does not affirm himself; therefore he is acknowledged.
He does not boast; therefore he is given credit.
He does not flaunt his success; therefore he is invited to lead.
Indeed, because he does not compete with anyone, so no one can compete with him.
The old saying: "What is bent becomes whole" is not empty talk. Believe in what is truly whole and become like it.

Causing things to develop is Adonai's role.
Trust him to do it! Even for your own life!
He is complete, and will make you complete.