Thursday, October 26, 2006

Skateboarding Progress

I mentioned earlier that my week is a little less hectic, now that the term has started and Fall's Jewish holidays are over.

One benefit is that I can schedule my time to do all my grading on campus. Since I do not need to bring papers home and back, I do not need to carry my satchel (a simple yet sturdy little Ikea bag).

I've found that the lack of a satchel means I can do skateboard wheelies (a "manual" in skater jargon) while commuting to and from the bus stop. Even if I'm new to this and my wheelies are very quick, this is fun and also allows me to get over a few uneven places in the sidewalk. Of course, I fall off more as I try the wheelies, but at my slow commuting speed those "falls" are actually "run forwards" and no big deal.

I still can't ollie.