Friday, October 13, 2006

Grocery Shopping and Hardware Shopping

In Eugene there is a local but very major hardware store named Jerry's. (There are actually two Jerry's stores now, one in the next town over.)

What makes Jerry's special is their outstanding customer service. (They are also as affordable as big chain hardware stores, but that alone is nothing unique.) Unlike other hardware stores, I can go there with a goal in mind confident that before I'll leave people who know what they are doing will have helped me turn my goal into an optimal plan and also helped me find the supplies I need.

It occurred to me that with the rising popularity of television shows and magazine articles about cooking, a similar revolution is set to occur in grocery stores. I know an increasing number of people that are trying to cook or bake something special at home now and then.

I do not know of anyone who goes to a grocery store expecting to ask a store employee for help by saying, "I'm having friends over for a dessert party tomorrow, and want to make something fancy and special but not too difficult. And one of the guests is on heart medication and cannot have sulfites, including corn syrup and brown sugar. What do you recommend?"

At Jerry's I can do the equivalent with a home repair or improvement project. So I wonder when grocery shopping (at least at certain stores) will potentially be similar?