Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 20

Abolish study of etiquette and customs and you will be free from care.
How vast is such study! What is the difference between "yes" and "yes please"? What is the difference between propriety and impropriety? Which things that others respect are actually worthy of respect?
What nonsense this is!
I am alone when all men are joyful in celebration, as with a holiday sacrifice or ascending the Spring Terrace. I am passive, like an infant which has yet to smile. I am weary, like an adult with no home.
When all men appear to have plenty, only I am left out. What a fool I appear to be!
When others appear intelligent and bright, I appear stupid and dim.
When others appear discerning and sharp, I appear confused and dull.
I rest like the sea although I appear to move aimlessly like the wind.
Let all men follow etiquette and custom. I alone appear ignorant and stubborn.
Yet what makes me most different from others is that I am sustained by the Creator.

Pleasing people is difficult.
So many rules make up polite and respectful behavior!
In comparison, Yeshua gives us few rules.
Seek his favor, not that of people.
This will create times when you do not fit in,
but you will not mind.
You will appear disturbed and lost,
but really your foundation is peaceful and secure.