Thursday, October 26, 2006

Adobe Acrobat Annoyance

My math teaching now has me editing PDF files (post-lecture Starboard notes). I had forgotten how stupid Adobe Acrobat can be.

My latest problem was trying to break a large file (8.09 MB) into two smaller files so students using a phone line modem could download them more flexibly. But when I copy the file twice, and remove half the content from each copy, Acrobat saves the resulting files as bigger files!

Sigh. I've made a recommendation to the Math department that they get Foxit instead of Acrobat.

UPDATE: In January 2011 someone sent me an e-mail request to advertise Classic PDF Edtior as well as Foxit.  It's probably from someone associated with that software, but it was politely worded to I have added the link.  Know that I have not myself tried it, however.