Monday, November 13, 2006

Tom's Apples - This Year Through Mid-December

One of the benefits of living in Eugene is Tom's Orchard. They have over 20 varieties of apples. All are wonderful.

The store has a tasting table set up, with the plates of apple slices arranged from sweet to sour.

The signs and staff are helpful in assisting customers pick apples for certain purposes (baked textures, storing well in the garage for months, etc.).

Last year was not a good year for apples, and Tom's closed before Thanksgiving. This year they are staying open until Mid-December.

Tom's Orchard is at 909 East Beacon Avenue. The phone is (541) 688-6753. They have reasonable hours, but are not open every day of the week. If you are in Eugene and have not shopped there, try it!