Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 30

He who leads others in following the Way will not control things by force of arms.
Those things like to turn against their wielder.
Wherever armies were stationed thistles and thorns will grow.
After a great campaign bad years will follow.
A skillful follower of the Way conquers by being resolute. He dares not conquer through violence.
He accomplishes but does not boast,
Gains victory but does not show himself,
Leads but does not flaunt his success.
He does what is necessary when there is no other choice: forced to conquer, he does not use violence.
Governance claimed through rallied strength has a temporal foundation, and thus is not of the Way, and short-lived.

Yeshua leads us to fight Satan, not people.
Soldiers have a terrible job that lacks choice.
Followers of Yeshua have the luxury of shunning evil,
and only rarely being forced to do spiritual warfare.
Trust Adonai to raise up and cast down rulers.