Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 32

The Way, unnamed from eternity, had unconstrained potential. Humble, it was inferior to nothing in the world.
If a ruler follows it everyone ruled would follow. Heaven and earth would be in harmony and send down sweet dew.
Not needing to be told, people would follow commands from above.
As soon as it had form it was named.
The name exists so the Saint knows where to abide. One who knows where to abide is safe from all danger.
The Way wants to flow into all things as torrents flow through valleys to the river and the sea.

Yeshua took on birth and life
that we could know how to abide in him.
This cleans our consciences
by removing the evil inclination.
Then we abide in Yeshua,
and he abides in us,
like rivers of living water.