Friday, April 25, 2008

Halo Sleepsack

I've written about the cloth diapers working well.

Another neat baby item we're enjoying having is a Halo Sleepsack which my grandmother bought for the us. Whomever invented this was even smart enough to have the zipper open from by the feet, to make changing the baby easy.

We're clueless enough that it took us two days to realize we could adjust the velcro to move the "swaddle" piece of fabric down the garment so the baby would not wake himself trying to suck on the top edge of it. After that discovery, no complaints at all.

This garb and a onesie are perfect for at home all day long. We can open it up to let him wiggle, or wrap him tight to help him fall asleep. (We're fortunate that unlike many infants ours does not wake up, trying to suck, if he puts his own hand on his face. If that were true then swaddling would be even more important!)

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