Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December Videos

After a very long break from processing any home videos, a few from recent days are online.

During the days before Christmas you can see Gallant trying to crawl and playing in his exersaucer and Smiley making gingerbread cookies on a krumkake iron.

You can contrast Gallant's tired jumper play from his normally active jumper play.  He really leaps about!  (Smiley never enjoyed the jumper that much.)

On Christmas day my wife's parents and brother were with us.  Smiley opened a magnetic number set from his aunt and uncle, a big Richard Scary story book from his grandparents, a toy tool set from us, and a tiny duplo set from his brother.  He also helped distribute presents.

Gallant was napping when we shifted from brunch to presents.  Once he awoke he played with a present and enjoyed some nice tummy time.  Then both boys played more.  Gallant's last present was a noisy one from his aunt and uncle.

The last nights of Chanukah also had a few more "big" presents from their great-grandmother and other relatives, but we did not film those being opened or used.  Gallant got a Mozart Cube since that was one of his brother's favorite toys at that age but it broke from so much use.  Smiley got some puzzles, a magnetic days of the week chart, and a second Frog and Toad book.

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