Friday, December 02, 2011

Gallant at Six Months

(Hm.  I cannot find any blog post for Smiley's six month checkup measurements for comparison.  Odd.  The best I can find is his nine month measurements.  Sorry!)

Today Gallant had his six month checkup.  He was 25 inches tall (8th percentile) and he weighed 15 pounds, 6 ounces (15th percentile). His head size was 43.7 cm (50th percentile).

But we already knew he was a bit small, chunky, and had a big head.

How is Gallant doing?

He has learned to sit up very well without support.  Of course, reaching to the side for a toy makes him fall over since he does not mind that outcome.

I already wrote about his learning to eat and his first foods.  Eating solid food is his change with the biggest effect for me since a surprising amount of time is taken up preparing his foods and feeding him.

He is farther along towards crawling.  He still cannot hold the crawling position on his own, but can slowly scoot forward by using his back legs and the side of his forehead in a manner that makes me wonder why he does not have a forehead rug burn.  We have the baby corral set up in the sitting room as a safe floor play place when I am away for more than two minutes.

But I am quite happy that Gallant is not crawling as early as Smiley was.  I can still set Gallant down on the floor and know that he will still be there a couple minutes later, which allows Smiley to "babysit" (which he loves) in any room while I go warm a bottle or move clothes to the dryer.

What else?  Gallant now rolls over better, from his back to his tummy and back, without problem.  He is sleeping better but still not through the night.  He still chews as if teething, but no teeth are imminent.  He still will not use a pacifier.

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