Monday, December 01, 2008

September Videos

September's videos of Smiley are up. Huzzah!

You can see his first time in a high chair and his first time eating solid food.

We took two camping trips that month. On the first he discovered the wonderful softness that are sleeping bags. He sang to one and then snuzzled it. On the second he plays in his jumper and outside on a sleeping bag.

By the seventh of the month he could somewhat crawl, but ended each forward scoot by flopping forward onto his face.

Two videos are just of him being cute. I can tell he is hungry in both because his is moving his mouth but not talking.

We recorded a lot of videos on the 22nd. He was very talkative that day. That week he also had developed a fake cough as an attention getting device. My wife also teased him with her slippers: he could not decide which one to crawl after.

The next day we retired his swing, which he had outgrown. He said goodbye to it by trying to eat it.

A week later he chased the camera, which made him smile. That was his first fast and coordinated crawling. By the end of the month he was confident crawling but not truly proficient.

September had nice weather. He spent a lot of time in our gazebo, which we had converted into a large playpen.

To conclude, a cute recording of him kissing his friend The Baby in the Mirror, who has left the bathroom mirror to visit him in one of his books.

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