Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reminiscing with Technology

Okay, the videos I cued to upload to BlipTV overnight have been renamed and given their proper date.

Technology is a strange things. My wife and I were given a Baby Book for Smiley as a baby shower gift. We do intend to use it, but have not yet opened it. It is downstairs at the bottom of a pile: on it are stacked things that will some day go into it, such as the hospital identification bracelets from his birth and his first hand prints. But this Baby Book will never have much inside it.

On the other hand, the internet currently has 138 short home movies that document his first eight months.

Similarly, when I was little my family owned an inexpensive 110 camera and each year used about four rolls of 24 photos (half during December at Chanukah and Christmas). After being developed these were kept in photo albums that filled up after several years and were browsed only a few times each year.

On the other hand, my wife and I already have 226 photographs in this year's Picasa album, which we often enjoying browsing, and which family and friends have enjoyed from all over the world.

Even more absurd, my wife's office's computer's screen saver can cycle through the all digital photographs we have taken of Smiley with our DSC-W55 digital camera: currently more than 2,800 of them!

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cayswann said...

I'm still considering giving myself a digital picture frame one of these days. But since I'm sitting in front of my computer most of the time, I use a Yahoo Widget (well, 3 of them) to rotate through the images on my portable hard drive, when I'm at home or when I'm at work.

And yet, there are boxes of photos stored at home, and never enjoyed. I need to start scanning them regularly. :)