Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Matching Board Books in English and Hebrew?

My wife and I are trying to help Smiley grow up used to the sounds of languages other than English.

It is easy enough to find matching board books that tell the same stories in English and Spanish. Here's an example.

I'm having trouble finding similar pairs for English and Hebrew. I can find a board book introducing the alef-bet. I can find Hebrew board books lacking an English match. I can find English board books with Jewish themes.

But I can't find classic children's stories from the U.S. or Israel that are published separately in both languages, except at high prices on e-bay.

Any ideas?

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cayswann said...

I'll have to ask some friends, their favorite sources for Hebrew books and esp. counter-parts in English. But I did find this:
... I like the puzzles with the alef-bet on wooden jig-saw pieces. :)

This store near me:
... the brick-and-mortar is closing end of Dec, after 22 years in business. The website will stay, but the shop is closing. I'll swing by and see if there are any good children's books.