Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Archiving and Framing Many Photographs

My previous post mentioned having old family photo albums and a very large number of more recently taken digital photos.

A friend replied and mentioned digital picture frames and scanners designed for photographs.

I've been waiting to deal with either.

A few years ago there were only a few digital picture frames for sale and they cost almost a thousand dollars. Now there are many to choose from and the price is more reasonable but still not inexpensive enough to be an impulse buy. (For example, here are two for under $50.) I expect the price will continue to drop, so I wait.

Similarly, a few years ago a flatbed scanner was the only household way to scan photographs. Now there are special scanners for photographs (here is an example). I expect than in a few years there will be similar devices that accept an entire stack of 4" by 6" photographs in a cartridge and automatically scan each. At that point I'll either buy one, use a friend's, or spend a few dollars at a store that owns one. Then a chore that would currently take many hours will probably take less than an hour.

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