Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tocatta and Flip

Recall that one of the two reasons I got a new computer was to be able to edit videos faster. This is going well.

Three days ago Shamus posted this very cute thing. Because I use the Firefox extention NoScript I had no idea what video was in that post. I had saved it for an opportune moment, and something to do while I changed the format of thirty-three videos seemed opportune.

In the eight and one-half minutes of the Tocatta eleven videos converted from .avi to .ogv format. On my old computer I might have gotten one video done in that time.

In other news, I am finally up to date with editing videos. I'll start the FTP bulk transfer to BlipTV in a moment and then go to bed. Sometime tomorrow I will apply the correct name and dates to the new batch of uploaded videos.

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