Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Blip in BlipTV

The BlipTV side allows uploading videos in a group by FTP.

This is supposed to work promptly, and has in the past for me. As soon as the FTP session is done the videos appear on the BlipTV "dashboard" where I can assign them a correct name and date.

Yesterday afternoon, while Smiley and I took our naps, I uploaded a bunch of videos this way. But they did not appear on the dashboard. I assumed there had been some sort of error, probably due to my internet provider or cable modem. So yesterday evening I uploaded the videos again, individually.

But that bunch of videos appeared in the "dashboard" this morning, at 2am according to the files. Since they were duplicate copies (without the proper name and date) I deleted them.

I wonder what caused twelve hours of delay?

UPDATE: I tried again with 35 videos on the evening of December 9th. Everything worked perfectly. Whatever was wrong has either been fixed or was not a recurring problem.

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