Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Gallant Gumming

Gallant is enjoying food.

His older brother started eating injera at six months.  Gallant is interested in food a month earlier, and has started trying to eat.  His list of tried foods has some other early photos.

Rice cereal was a bust.  He wants something to chew, not a nearly liquid substance.

Injera is his favorite.  His infant gag reflex is still too strong for him to get any appreciable amount down.  But he enjoys tasting it as it travels from his high chair tray to his bib and then to the floor.  Here is a photo from tonight's dinner.

Tonight he tried our mesh feeding bag for the first time, with avacado.  That was a great success.  The mesh end tasted interesting, and the handle end allowed a short break for some chewing-teething.

I think he consumed more avacado than injera tonight, even though much more injera went into his mouth.  If we actually cared about him eating food we would use the mesh bag more often.  But he is still young enough (a few days shy of five months) that eating is only for entertainment: his tasting and our enjoying a way he keeps himself occupied during dinner time.

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