Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Sorry I have not been blogging much.  For two week's I have been under the weather, with the second cold Smiley brought home from his new preschool.

Right now Smiley is helping me mop the kitchen floor, which has not been mopped since Gallant was born five months ago.  Smiley is strong enough to use the mop's lever that squishes the sponge mop head.  The kitchen is only turning into a wading pool very slowly.
Me: My turn now.

Smiley: Why is it your turn?

Me: We mop to get the spots off the floor.  You are doing great with getting the floor wet.  But I do better at cleaning away the spots.

Smiley: Yes.  My job is to get the floor wet.  Your job is to get off the spots.

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