Tuesday, November 01, 2011

More Trick Less Treat

A few days ago I was at a party for Nathen and folks brainstormed how to make Halloween a bit more high tech using a computer with a wireless webcam.

Decorate the approach to your home.  Put up humorous signs or tombstones or something.  Make visiting trick-or-treaters move slowly past a well lit spot without noticing that you just took a photo of someone's face with the hidden webcam.  (If everyone in that group of trick-or-treaters is wearing a mask then take a group shot.)

When they ring the bell, play a spooky song.  This gives you time to print out that photo of a face and cut out they eye holes to make it into a mask.  Give the mask to your accomplice.

Answer the door and give them candy.  Talk a bit about their costumes or the candy or the weather.  Meanwhile, your accomplice leaves the house from another door and sneaks behind them, wearing a mask of one of them.

Say good night and smile.

Extra points if your accomplice is the family dog.

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