Monday, November 14, 2011

Gallant's Busy Week

Yay!  That long-lasting cold is finally done.  But enough about me.  Little Gallant had an exciting last week.

On Tuesday he started reaching up to communicate that he wanted to be picked up from his high chair or exersaucer.  He does not always do this, but he does it more often than not and it's a help in knowing what he wants.

On Friday he learned to scoot himself backwards when on the floor on his tummy.  He hates this.  He wants to go forwards.  Previously he would push with his left arm more than his right arm and spin like a gimlet.  That at least gave him a different view.  Now he is retreating, which is progress in the world of muscle coordination but certainly does not seem like progress to him.

He also tried Asian Pears in his mesh feeder bag and loves them.  They are sweet and just the right firmness to provide a soothing challenge for his need to gnaw.  Last night he tried puréed carrot and tried to eat it but was not nearly as impressed.

His appetite is increasing.  A four-ounce bottle is now seldom sufficient.  We took from storage the rest of our eight-ounce glass baby bottles.

Last night Gallant even had a 4.5 hour stretch of sleep.  Woo hoo!  Some day my wife and I will again be able to sleep for six hours at a time.

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