Friday, June 29, 2012

New Math Website

I have done very little blogging lately because I was working on fixing up my math website with online lecture notes.

In Winter 2007 I spent a huge amount of time creating PowerPoint lecture notes for my Math 20 classes.  They have served me well for years, getting small revisions as appropriate.

But times have changed.  Now many (perhaps most) of my students carry phones that can read websites but not PowerPoint.  Also, the PowerPoint lectures were a bit too soothing and easy to "nod along to" that yes, all makes sense and is well.  Slideshows do that.

So I transferred everything to web pages, elaborated where I noticed a topic's discussion or example problems seemed skimpy, and then included lots of links to step-by-step video example problems.

The result is still "online lecture notes" that are only a complete experience along with class time.  But they should be much more useful for students studying at home while doing homework and before the tests.

Perhaps some day I will have time and energy to make the math website a more complete "random strangers can learn math here without my LCC classes" experience.  But I expect there will soon be no need.  Quite a few places are already working on that.

Please check it out!  Any feedback would be appreciated.

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