Saturday, June 02, 2012


Shortly after I finished writing my novels I looked into publishing them.  But not very much.  I joined a relative on a visit to the Book Expo America 2002.  I talked to many publishers and discovered that only a few big ones were interested in publishing children's fantasy and those all required an agent.  Not willing yet to work with an agent, I stopped my effort towards publishing.

(I made one small effort a few years later.  I'm still amazed that children's fantasy is a specialty genre despite the popularity of certain a series and its many spin-offs.)

Since then I have been too busy to pursue publishing again.  A few days ago I came across an article promoting self-publishing.  Is it really only a few mouse clicks away?

Some day I'll have time to find out...


Heather said...

If you ever decide to consider self-publishing let us know. Been there and now have a "publishing company" and can get you going in the right direction. Also have a great editor friend who does freelance editing. E-book is easiest as far as getting your book out there since people love to find cheap books, especially kids fantasy (there aren't enough decent ones out there and the kids' appetites tends to be voracious in that genre.)

David V.S. said...

Thanks for the kind offer, Heather.

I'll also link your husband's new book, since you did not. :-)