Sunday, September 01, 2013

Azure Standard Shopping

I have mentioned the Azure Standard for ordering bulk food twice before, when writing about comparing berry prices and purchasing gluten-free grains.

Azure Standard used to have a strange website policy where folks had to log on to view their products.  It was free and quick to make an account, but that extra layer of bother meant it was impossible to blog about their products.  Now that has changed, so I can archive the items we often order as a blog post (as well as our "favorites" within our account on their website).

It is also true that Azure Standard has expanded their product list extensively during the past three years.  Not only do they sell a wider variety of items, but most items now are available in small, non-bulk quantities.

Prices per pound are provided in green after each item.  However, one advantage of bulk ordering is that we can often wait until each item is on sale to replace it, so the listed prices may be slightly higher than what we pay.   I have also noted in red when other stores we shop at are currently offering a better price.

Frozen organic berries are not included on this list because their prices might change next year from this year.  See the berry price blog post for old information.

Grains and Flours

Organic Millet ($47.20 for twenty-five pounds) $1.88
Organic Amaranth ($53.00 for twenty-five pounds) $2.12
Organic Quinoa ($55.80 for twenty-five pounds) $2.23
Brown Rice Flour ($23.80 for twenty-five pounds) $0.95
Teff Flour ($44.35 for twenty-five pounds) $1.77
Tapioca Flour ($26.60 for 12.5 pounds) $2.13
Organic Flaxseed Meal ($13.30 for four one-pound bags) $3.33 (better price at TJs)

Almond Meal Flour ($35.45 for four pounds) $8.86 (better price at Costco)
Hazelnut Meal Flour ($42.20 for 3.5 pounds) $12.06
(Almond meal and hazelnut meal are expensive everywhere.)
Brown Sweet Rice ($5.20 for five pounds) $1.04
Brown Bismati Rice ($16.85 for six two-pound bags) $1.40
Organic Sushi Rice ($10.35 for five pounds) $2.07
Brown Jasmine Rice ($10.80 for five pounds) $2.17

Quinoa Flakes ($7.25 for two pounds) $3.63
(Quinoa flakes work like oatmeal to make a nice porridge.)


Organic Great Northern Beans ($7.45 for five pounds) $1.49
Organic Small Red Beans ($7.50 for five pounds) $1.50
Organic Pinto Beans ($15.00 for ten pounds) $1.50
Organic Pink Beans ($8.25 for five pounds) $1.65
Organic Black Beans ($16.90 for ten pounds) $1.69


Corn Fusilli ($11.30 for six one-pound bags) $1.88
Corn Lasagna Corte ($11.30 for six one-pound bags) $1.88
Corn Tubettu Rigati ($11.30 for six one-pound bags) $1.88
Corn Conchiliette ($11.30 for six one-pound bags) $1.88
Brown Rice Caserecce ($3.45 for a twelve-ounce box) $4.60
(That Jovial brand brown rice pasta is expensive.  But it has a much better texture than other brown rice pastas, so we use it on some special occasions.)

Cheese and Meat

Organic Monterey Jack ($5.63 per pound) $5.63
Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon ($25.80 for a dozen 7.5 ounce cans) $4.59

Other Cooking and Baking

Organic Toasted Sesame Oil ($5.15 for one 12.7 ounce bottle) $6.93
Organic Tomato Paste ($23.00 for a dozen seven-ounce jars) $4.38
Bragg's Liquid Aminos ($4.05 for a one-pound bottle) $4.05
Organic Lemons ($5.25 for two pounds) $2.63
Organic Canned Pumpkin ($20.50 for a dozen fifteen-ounce cans) $1.82
Organic Allspice ($3.00 for four ounces) $12.00
Buttermilk Powder ($7.45 per pound) $7.45

Essential Oils

Clove Bud Oil ($5.25 for one half-ounce bottle)
Lavender Oil ($8.55 for one half-ounce bottle)
Wintergreen Oil ($4.70 for one half-ounce bottle)
Eucalyptus Oil ($4.00 for one half-ounce bottle)


Organic Multicolored Popcorn ($4.25 for 2.8 pounds)
Almond Nut Thins ($6.85 for three boxes)
Hazelnut Thins (not currently available)
Chocolate Mint Clif Builder Bars ($16.75 for a dozen bars)
Crio Bru Cavalla Brewing Cocoa ($9.90 for a twelve-ounce bag)


Oregon Rhodiola ($10.40 for a sixty day supply, 175 mg/day)

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