Saturday, September 14, 2013

Prayerbooks Online

My wife was ill on Erev Rosh Hashanah, but Smiley attended the adult service with me and really enjoyed it.

It appears that Smiley is finally old enough to be interested in learning Hebrew letters and some basic liturgy.

One of my back-burner chores was composing a very short collection of prayers to use daily.  A big reason I enjoy liturgy is that it reminds me of all the ways I should be thinking about God.  That is useful daily.

Today I finally got to that chore.  I installed Wine and DavkaWriter on my newish laptop.  Then I could open the old P'nei Adonai prayerbook files to copy-and-paste from those into a new web page document.

Then I made a new two-page "prayerbook" of foundational prayers.  Hooray!

Perhaps Smiley will enjoy listening to me use it, and learn to sing along to the Hebrew melodies.

I also put a link to the old P'nei Adonai Haggadah on my website's religion page.

(Tangentially, my installation of DavkaWriter prints to .prn printer files without any problem.  Ubuntu can open these and print them.  I have not tried printing directly from DavkaWriter to my inkjet printer.)

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