Monday, December 02, 2013

How to Act Like The Doctor

I decided to dress up as The Doctor for Halloween.  I have watched very little Doctor Who.  But now I had an excuse to study what made his character so likeable and memorable.  What did I learn?

How to Act Like Doctor Who

Be active.  Dive into the unknown.  Keep fit and healthy.  Run a lot.

Never give up.  Act!  Trust improvisation.  Be persistent.  Overcome you fears.  Enforce your personal boundaries.  Be positive.

Admire yourself through your dress and speech.  Stand tall and take big strides.  Let your confidence and vanity fill you with child-like play and enthusiasm.  Smile too much.  Enjoy musical instruments, toys, and childhood games.  But be serious when seriousness is needed.

Travel to meet people, not see places.  Be aware of everyone around you.  Compliment people.  Enjoy solving problems and helping people.  Forgive people who need forgiveness.  Show tough love to people who need tough love.  Stand up for people who needing protecting.

Excel at active listening.  Sometimes interject random and witty remarks.  Avoid revealing your own personal information.

Ignore rules that make no sense.  Wear whatever you want.  Respect rules that help people or make society function smoothly.

Be curious.  Observe and connect the dots.  Ask questions and find out what motivates people and organizations.  Appreciate being taught or corrected.

Read about science and history.  Talk quicky about technology.  Insert yourself in history.  Invent geography.  Interject quirky yet well-informed remarks into conversations.

Find a companion you can trust.  Defend your close friends.  But do not be afraid to travel by yourself.

Use a trademark phrase with eloquent variety.  (Past doctors used "Brilliant!", "Fantastic!", "Geronimo!", and "Allons-y!".)  When something does not work, say, "Well..."

Wear a vest.  Button it randomly.

Offer people candy, even if they are your enemies.

Enjoy bananas.  Avoid pears.

Carry a sonic screwdriver.

(Much of this list was ideas taken from these five links, as well as the Wikipedia descriptions of the personalities of the Doctors.  I also put together my own conclusions from the few episodes I have seen.)

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