Thursday, January 02, 2014

An Introduction to Investing

At the end of last month I finished back-burner project.  I wrote a series of four essays to introduce people to the stock market.

May these be helpful to you or someone you know!

Last year was an easy year to do well in the stock market, because the overall market grew so much.


Yet there is still satisfaction from beating the market by 7.5% with my Roth IRA.

(I do not expect the first three accounts to outperform the market, since they contain the commonly recommended mix of stocks and bonds to reduce risk.)

UPDATE: Blerg.  The day I decide to blog this, Google changes the code for their stock graph widgets. The last two essays were much nicer with those working.  Now the graph's images are broken, and the entire widget is a link to Yahoo! Finance.  Perhaps some hacker had fun.

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