Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Smiley and Percentages

My father-in-law recently introduced Smiley to the game The Battle for Wesnoth.

One of the game's features is a button that shows the player a battle's possible battle outcomes and their probabilities.  This was the first time Smiley had paid any attention to percentages.

Yesterday, at the San Diego Zoo, he saw a toy that he wanted at a gift shop.  It was a stick that made a whooshing noise when turned upside down, decorated like a giraffe's neck and head.

He had never seen such a toy before.  Nevertheless, he told me, "But Daddy, I have been wanting that toy 70% for 8 days!"

I am not sure what 70% means to Smiley, but it is apparently synonymous with "a whole lot".

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