Friday, December 26, 2014

Variety of Germs

Well, the goal of blogging a post per day in November obviously failed.

The Willamette Valley was once known as the "valley of sickness", although the historical record is quite confused.

However, the end of 2014 was certainly a time of poor health for folks here in Eugene.

We know from talking with pediatricians, that November had at least two cold viruses, a stomach bug that took days to get over, fifth disease, and parainfluenza.  Our family experienced all but the last of those.

In December, the city added another cold virus and a one-day stomach bug.

Perhaps I will try again in January.  It was nice to blog regularly.

Also today I figured out the new way to link my blog with Google+ (I still use HootBar to manually put a link on Twitter/Facebook without ever visiting them).

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