Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I almost got to go running this morning.

I was planning on doing so, but something came up with a congregation-related crisis.

A few days ago I wrote some thoughts about three continuums of running:
First, the more you are in shape the more you run while "out for a walk". When just starting you will walk most if not all the time. When in better shape, you will alternate between running and walking (your body will tell you when to swap). When you are "in shape" you'll only walk at the end of uphills (or be "running" even then but at a walking pace).

Second, the more you are in shape the more your exercise will give you energy. Initially, you'll come home exhausted and ready to collapse. Eventually, at the end of your run you'll feel awake and refreshed. This is also a area of slow but noticeable progress.

Third, the more you are used to running the less you need to stretch before or after. As your body learns what to do, walking the first bit and then running gently (and at the end of the run running gently and then walking the last bit) will be able to take the place of stretching.
I'm not an expert runner, unlike one of my fellow math teachers who runs marathons regularly.

I do enjoy being fit enough to gain energy from a morning run. I wish I could do this more often.