Monday, November 05, 2018

Elementary School Spooky Posters

Want to decorate your elementary school for a haunted house fundraiser, or Halloween?

Here is a simple creative writing activity.

Make one list with all the types of places in your school.  For example, there is the main office, principal's office, gym, cafeteria, a hallway, etc.

Make a second list with all the kinds of traditional spooky monsters.  For example, a zombie, mummy, werewolf, ghost, etc.

Then match up items from the two lists to make silly and spooky posters.  Ideally the sentences you make are very short (to fit on the poster) and not too gory (to not scare the kindergartners).

Here are my examples, which should not be provided to a classroom of kids actually doing the activity.

Zombified? See school nurse for a cure.

Please report haunted toilets to the school secretary.

Please do not dig up skeletons in the playground.

Ghosts also must keep right in breezeways.

This quad is peanut and garlic free.

Be safe. Be kind. Be responsible. Be plump and juicy.

Is it the real Principal Moore?

Do not take candy from the witch.

The teachers lounge fridge needs a new jar of eyeballs.

Today at 3pm is werewolf howling choir practice.

Tired? Energize with new Van der Graaf gym routine.

Fifth grade embalming class postponed to Monday.

Can't find your phylactery? Check the new Lost and Found.

Respect our rodents! Only bullies command rat hordes.

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