Monday, January 22, 2007

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 41

When a wise man hears about the Way he diligently follows it.
When a mediocre man hears about the Way he wavers between belief and unbelief.
When a foolish man hears about the Way he laughs loudly at it.
If it such a man did not laugh at, it would not be worth regarding as the Way.
For there is an established saying:
The Way's brightness can seem dim
The Way's advances can seem retreats;
The Way's smoothness can seem rough;
Our highest efforts are empty;
Our best purity are stained;
Our strongest efforts are inadequate;
Our established virtues are feeble;
The greatest solid is pierced;
The greatest square has no corners;
The greatest vessel is the last completed;
The greatest music has the rarest sound;
The greatest Image has no form.
The Way is hidden and nameless.
Indeed, because the Way is able to lend of itself it is able to provide completion.

Yeshua, as creator, is nameless
because he contributes anonymously to all creation.
Yeshua fits none of our categories
because he creator, not part of this world.
His best can seem backwards,
but lasts eternally.
But our best is not eternal
and thus comparatively worthless.
The last part of creation will be
when our creator finishes establishing himself.