Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 42

One produced two.
Two produced three
Three produce all other things.
These other things carry the dark but embrace the light.
The breath rises softly to produce harmoniously.
People loathe being orphaned, widowed, or poor,
yet kings and dukes call themselves thus
for things may gain by decrease or decrease by gain.
What others have taught I repeat:
men of violence will not reach their natural death.
The father's doctrine is my teacher.

The world was created by three.
The divine Spirit gives freedom.
Rising within us, it frees us from serving darkness
so that we may succeed in embracing light.
The divine son gives mercy.
In unity with his humility may we gain through decrease.
The divine Father gives justice.
Greed and violence lead to ruin;
His teachings are the laws for life.
So is the world sustained by these three that are divine,
or by their freedom, mercy, and justice?