Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Local Synagogue Attacked

Usually my lack of reading the mainstream news is okay. But occasionally I miss out on information that actually should affect me promptly.

I just found out this morning that last Thursday Eugene's Orthodox congregation, Ahavas Torah, suffered a break-in. Its Torah scrolls and prayerbooks were targeted and badly damaged. A second article (an editorial) is here.

The Eugene Police have since those articles decided to investigate the crime as an Oregon law bias crime.

The local Jewish community is sending supportive letters to Ahavas Torah, and rallying together to help with with fundraising to replace the Torah scrolls.

Some of the local Jewish community is alarmed and fearful because the two suspects who had been arrested have been released. Officials have explained the two men were transients with no known connection with any hate groups, and not a danger to people.

They may not be much the local Messianic Jewish community can do to help. Some of the same Talmudic passages that give such honor and value to Torah scrolls would disqualify any fundraising we contribute for use in purchasing a Torah scroll since we are Messianic Jews.