Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Personal Update

I should share a bit of personal news, for those who have been following my hobbies and afflictions.

I still can't ollie, but am slightly better at a manual (wheelie). The skateboard and LCC bus pass combination is wonderful, even in winter. I'm not sure if in Spring Term I'll take another P.E. class at LCC to be a student and get the free bus pass; my teaching schedule does not fit well with any P.E. classes that interest me.

I'm still enjoying Tai Chi. This term the class is Yang 55-move sword form, which requires much more balance and fitness than the Chen 18-move unarmed form I did last term.

I'm still enjoying a monthly accupuncture visit. It may be helping my joint oddness, but I cannot say for sure as my joints are also for these same months (since last August) helped by the Tai Chi exercise. The most measureable benefit of the accupuncture is that I now fall asleep quickly instead of after 40-60 minutes, and I have many fewer distrubing dreams.

(Last night was the first night in a very long time I did not fall asleep quickly, because I was so excited about finally getting things done: the P'nei Adonai purpose changes, which allowed me to finish its new website, which allowed an afternoon for just blogging, which will allow me tomorrow to catch up on e-mail.)

The math teaching has been a lot of work, primarily because I am preparing PowerPoint slideshows for every lesson. You can see them by going to the class Moodle site and logging in as a guest.

Besides playing with moss for a few minutes, there has been a lot of yard work too. This is the best time of year to climb up in all the fruit trees and prune them. Then all those pruned "runners"/"shooters" that go striaght up, and a few real branches, needed to be cut into pieces that could fit into the yard waste bit. That was most of two weekends' worth of yard work. Also, the local squirrels and racoons are out again: last year we moved 15 squirrels with our live traps, along with quite a few opossums and raccoons. We'll see what this year brings.

My wife and I also needed more firewood, and purchased two cords, which once delivered needed to be stacked. That was my outdoor time on the Presidents' Day three-day weekend.

I've found out that a few of my friends occasionally do go target shooting, and even know the locations of the best local BLM Land for such endeavors. But they do not go frequently enough to prompt me to do any NAA shopping. I still am happy not owning any guns, since I frankly don't desire any more responsibility.

Regarding baking, my wife has found out how to make gluten-free challah, and I discovered that my Belgian waffle recipe works even better without any butter. I've been having waffles more often, and have been baking my spice cookies as bar cookies for afternoon snacking. I also may have found out why I like garlic bread.

The science-fiction role-playing game has also had a breakthrough. My wife and I played one session, which led to a great excuse to nearly but not completely isolate the main planet from the rest of colonized space. This, in turn, allows me many opportunities for political coruption and rivalries (my favorite plots) since now it BridgeCo's motto of "Now There is Enough" is no longer true of local resources and social mobility.