Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Moss in a Blender

Late February in Eugene is the beginning of crocouses, daffodils, and resuming having to mow the lawn now and then.

My wife and I actually don't want lawn. We would rather have moss, as in a Japanese garden, since that is equally pretty and I am not allergic to it. Not having to mow would be nice also.

Since our back yard has a few bare spots (where I let leaf piles sit too long) we found out how to promote moss growth with a "moss smoothie." Here is a summary of what many websites instruct...

Put into a blender a handful of moss from the kind of place you want to grow moss (i.e., moss from dirt to make more moss on dirt, moss from a rock to make more moss on rock).

If collecting from the lawn, try to minimze the amount of dirt and grass you collect.

Add 1/2 teaspoon sugar and enough water so it will blend nicely. If you need stickines for applying it to rock or clay, add 1 egg or some buttermilk.

Blend the mixture, and then spread with a paintbrush or spatula on the desired surfaces.

Be careful it doesn't wash away. If the weather is not rainy, keep it wet. Moss should be growing within five weeks.

You can also make patterns.