Friday, April 13, 2007


Happy April!

I have had a lot on my mind lately about congregational stuff, which turns into a lack of blogging until I am a bit more complete with processing these thoughts. (Some topics are conducive to use blogging to help my process thoughts, but not these).

In the meanwhile, some humor.

Yesterday I finally, for the first time in my teaching career, was spaced out about which day of the week it was and had someone stop by my office to tell me my class was waiting for me downstairs. Oops. Fortunately, my students were forgiving that I wasted some of their time.

This actually was not the most absurd instance of absentmindedness during the past few weeks. On April 2nd I had a very busy day: phone calls in the early morning, leading an "Introduction to Messianic Judaism" class in the mid-morning, preparation for and teaching of a math class at LCC in the middle of the day, getting the home ready for Pesach in the early afternoon, and leading a congregational seder for fifty people all the rest of the day. Everything went quite well, but I was kept from feeling too much like I was "on top of things" by noticing, as I got ready for bed, that all day long I had been wearing my boxer shorts backwards.

An important part of Messianic Judaism is that congregatns disciple each other to be more like Yeshua, not more like each other. May this blog post remind my congregants not to try to be like me, but to be like Yeshua! He knows what day of the week it is, and wears his underwear properly.