Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Campus Horror and the People of God

Part of being a Messianic Jewish leader is receiving news that not everyone else receives.

Regarding the shooting at Virginia Tech, I've been shown web articles with the response by Campus Crusade for Christ (how's that for a non-Messianic name) and the response by New Life Christian Fellowship. Members of the first group include the student who discovered the dorm room shooting's aftermath, four of those killed, and one of the two who was allowed to leave a classroom unharmed. The second group had two members among those killed.

You may have also read about Liviu Librescu, a Holocaust survivor who died heroically that day.

According to a peace officer involved with the crime (no link, not a public report), Cho was not only fond of Ismael but was quoting verses from the Koran during his killing. Also, Cho apparently did not randomly pick his targets but rather chose classes that had high concentrations of Christians and Jews. This does not show Cho thought of himself as a Muslim in any sense, but he was certainly influenced to imitate a Muslim hero (as well as other things). Yet again someone overcome by evil takes out his wrath on the people of God.