Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Long Hair Update

I wrote about a month ago about paying a little more attention to my long hair. Some quick updates...

I've purchased a wooden comb, which does work better with wet long hair than the brush I was using. It's also easier to keep clean. But I simply bought the first one I saw, and should probably get one with wider gaps between teeth.

Trader Joe's citrus conditioner is increasingly all my hair needs for cleaning, and shampooing less often has helped my hair become much less prone to tangles. It has a few cleansing agents which do the job unless I have been in an usually greasy environment. (It is free of "cones", for those who care to know.)

I've learned to braid my hair, but am not very good at it yet. Dividing my hair into thirds with "top, lower left, and lower right" as per this post works well even with a braid that starts at the nape of my neck. I've only worn it this way in public once.