Sunday, May 06, 2007


Why am I blogging after midnight?

Last night was a nice Erev Shabbat gathering.

This morning I got to sleep in late, since P'nei Adonai has no Shabbat services the first weekend of each month and I could not visit another congregation because of a noon appointment.

At noon I got to meet with a friend and help her plan a budget and try to get her finances in control. I normally avoid money issues on Shabbat, but no other day would work last week or next because of her work schedule and the congregational picnic tomorrow, and this was charitable activity instead of economic activity for me. She got the help she wanted, and knows to find how many hours per week to ask to work at a new job.

In the afternoon I got to relax around the house, and invented a new cookie recipe to celebrate Trade Joe's having UFO mints in stock again after a month's absense. (They had been sorely missed by my wife and some other friends; I almost expected to see UFO mints appear on the commodities exchange market.) I need to play with the dough a little more before blogging about the recipe, but image a tiny gluten-free eggy sugar cookie with a UFO mint in the middle.

Then I was tired, and took a long nap. My wife was in a cooking mood, and invented a gluten-free ravioli recipe. Needless to say, this was delicious but a lot more work than my cookies.

My wife and I have been enjoying a new computer game. Unlike our old favorite, we cannot share the same civilization. However, the games are often as short as 30 minutes (AoK is normally 60-70 minutes) and they involve a much stronger sense of map control, which is very pleasing during game play.

When I woke up from my nap it was after 9pm, and my wife had already had dinner and was playing the computer game. She paused it to make me some fresh ravioli, and also made more for herself. Then she went back to her game and I started blogging.

Unlike our multi-player games, she plays single-player at a very challenging level and the games are sometimes quick but sometimes take a few hours. This game was unusually long, so you get to read a lot of blog stuff. Everyone wins!

(I still have not touched my pile of ministry-related articles to blog about. I managed to type for a few hours just about the things I have been processing lately. No time lately for merely retrospective blogging.)

Now it's bed time.

Pleasant dreams!