Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 52

All-under-heaven have a common beginning.
This beginning may be regarded as the mother of All-under-heaven.
Knowing the mother, we may understand how we as should be as children.
Knowing we are children, we should cleave to the mother.
Then we will be protected from danger, even if we lose our lives.
Close the mouth and live simply at home, and until the end of your body it will not fail.
Open your mouth and travel widely, and until the end of your body nothing will avail.
Valuing what appears insignificant requires enlightenment.
Embracing your weaknesses produces strength.
Using your vision only to walk in the light avoids calamities.
This is called "practicing the eternal".

Our primary role as children of Adonai
is to cleave to Adonai.
If we rely on God's presence, strength, and guidance
we will be following God's will for our lives,
and thus we will be protected.
Pray before speaking or making plans;
stay centered in the will of God.