Sunday, May 13, 2007

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 50

We come forth into life and enter into death.
One-third of men follow life.
One-third of men follow death.
One-third of men say they follow life but in their actions follow death.
Why is that? Because they are overly protective of their life.
Indeed, I have heard that those expert in following life travel without meeting the tiger or rhinoceros and go into battle without weapons or armament.
A rhinoceros would find no place to put its horn.
A tiger would fine no place to put its claws.
A weapon would find no place to put its point.
Why is that? Because he has no vulnerable spot.

Followers of Yeshua need not fear death.
After death they gain eternal life.
Before death they have Adonai's protection.
Since all people are vulnerable, the only true protection
is being in the place Adonai wants you to be, doing his work.
Since all people die, the only true danger
is being brought to eternal life sooner than otherwise.