Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I've enabled comments on my blog post that shares my paper about first-century Judaism and its relationship to Paul's assemblies.

This is the start of a new trend.

The P'nei Adonai website does not have any appropriate place for discussions. Most of the pages I will be adding to that website in upcoming months are good sources of discussion: word studies in the vocabulary section and more Matthew studies put online.

Recently I have set up some new internet infrastructure. This blog has a new format and can better handle having comments enabled. The P'nei Adonai website has an RSS feed. Together this will allow not only P'nei Adonai folk but others who have visited the ministry (or meet in new online) to participate in a discussion about new web pages.

Almost all of these new web pages have already had their material processed in group discussion. The word studies are nearly all taken from old sermons to which I added notes during the congregation's discussion about the sermon (from the years when P'nei Adonai was a Messianic Jewish congregation that met on Shabbat, rather than its current identity as a discipleship ministry that meets during the week). The Matthew pages are all the result of group discussions about those certain chapters of scripture.

Yet more discussion with a broader range of participants will be nice as an extra layer of digesting spiritual truths and applying them to daily life.

So if you are interested in these online discussions, bookmark the RSS feed and when a new page is added also visit this blog's Ministry Work posts because at or near the top of that category will be the discussion corresponding to the new web page.

Because I teach Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will try (God willing) to make a new P'nei Adonai web page every Tuesday and Thursday. But some days, such as yesterday, will undoubtedly become full of helping people rather than typing at the computer. That makes my life more interesting and full of blessing, but due to the obvious confidentiality issues I do not get to blog much, if anything, about those days.