Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Math Website

Many years ago, when I left preschool teaching and started adjunct college teaching, I registered the domain name

For a year, while teaching at the University of Oregon, I used it. Then it was stagnant, since Lane Community College offers some nice website options to its instructors.

I've finally revived In part this is because I have found enough of a routine at LCC, and in part this is because I've thoroughly explored the other college website options and decided that I might as well use my own format instead.

Last week I spent hours and hours getting my class set up. If you visit the website, you will see I have everything prepared through the end of October. The rest of the term will not be much work, for I have for the remaining weeks lecture slides and tests from past terms which I am quite happy with. The material for the beginning of the term required much more revision.

Ta da! Between this math work and the essay about first-century Israel you now know what I have been up to for all of September.