Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Blog Template

I finally switched to one of the new Blogger templates. I wonder how this will work?

There are two new features I plan to use once I have more free time. The first is the automatic sorting of "labels" for each post instead of relying on the blog search keying to an introduction category phrase for each post. The second is putting updates to the P'nei Adonai website into an RSS feed which will then be added to the sidebar.

UPDATE: Changing all of the "category: ..." tags did not take very long. There were a surprising number of old posts I decided to put more than one label on, which is new functionality.

I am rethinking the RSS feed. I could also use this blog to announce when I add new pages to the P'nei Adonai website and enable comments for those posts. That might be more interesting and helpful than an RSS feed.

UPDATE: Well, it turns out creating an RSS feed is quite trivial. It's worth doing that whether or now I use this blog as a place with comments for discussing new P'nei Adonai pages.