Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Ending of Summer Projects

This summer I had many projects to do while being a househusband.

I needed to update the LCC Math 25 Packet. Besides fixing some typos and improving the organization of two chapters, last Spring Term students requested that the packet include a partial answer key at the end, and two "before the midterms" sections with extra, optional study problems. Now it does! The new version is here.

I needed to get P'nei Adonai ready to work with churches. I now have enough concept essays ready. I also rewrote the worship essays and put together a prayer book to use.

I finished creating a pen-and-paper roleplaying game to play with my wife. Unlike other RPGs it is specifically designed to work well with a GM and one player character. I did not blog about this because I did not need to process my thoughts as I proceeded, and am waiting for a more finished product before sharing it with the world.

I finished the Tao of Yeshua translation. There are eighty-one chapters total; the blog has not caught up with my progress yet.

Fortunately, I only had a small contribution in getting the new synagogue furniture ready for Sar Shalom for the upcoming High Holy Days.

There are still a few remaining things that need to get done before the end of September, especially regarding yardwork and childproofing the house. But the biggest projects--also the ones that required me to be at the computer--are done. Whew!

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