Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 63

Do in Non-Ado.
Act by non-action.
Savor the tasteless.
Lift up the low.
Multiply the few.
Forgive offenses with Virtue.
Prune difficulties while they are still buds.
Plant great things while they are still seeds.
The most difficult things in the world start out easy to affect.
The greatest things in the world begin as something tiny.
Therefore the Saint never handles big things yet is able to achieve the great.
Now, he who takes promises lightly will have little faith.
He who thinks everything is easy will find everything is difficult.
Thus the Saint treats all things as difficult but to the end find nothing too difficult.

How do we practice stillness? Value timeliness.
All things oscillate, undulate, ebb and flow.
Tiny nudges affect things at a far extreme or just beginning.
The Spirit who knows where things are headed
will tell us the time and place for our actions to be fruitful.

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