Monday, September 01, 2008

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 62

The Way for the ten thousand things makes us a treasury and dwelling.
The good store all their treasure there.
The not-good only seek it as a refuge.
Skillful words bring honor.
Honorable conduct bring acceptance.
Even among the not-good, who will be rejected?
Therefore, when an emperor is inaugurated or the three ministers are installed let others offer jade disks and ride in the five chariots. It is better to offer the Way while sitting still.
Why did the ancients prize the Way so highly?
Did not they say, "He who seeks, finds. He who is guilty is forgiven."?
It is the most revered in All-under-heaven.

Yeshua prepares a place for us in the world to come.
Into it righteous store up a treasure of good deeds.
The wicked only seek the Kingdom when in trouble,
and only seek its peace and safety.
Even the wicked can amass honor and friends in this world.
Better is finding Yeshua,
receiving forgiveness,
and storing up treasures for the world to come.

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