Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Everyone Letter 2008

I used to send out, a few times each year, an "Everyone Letter" by e-mail to all of my friends. Then I started blogging as a more efficient way to share personal news.

When I recently started using Facebook I enjoyed being back in touch with some old friends I had lost contact with. So I sent out one more Everyone Letter to everyone in my address book, in case I missed connecting through Facebook with anyone.

If you are a friend and did not just get this e-mail from me, I don't have a current e-mail for you! Please send me a hello. Thanks!

Hello, Everyone!

By searching through my e-mail I see that I have not sent out an Everyone Letter since August of 2006. Golly. Hopefully those of you who wished to keep in touch have been following my blog and enjoying the photographs and videos of little Smiley, who celebrated his one year birthday yesterday.

Yet it seemed right to send out another Everyone Letter because it's a holiday, because I recently joined Facebook as part of trying to find more playmates for Smiley, and because I recently stopped using my PDA and had to reorganize my address book.

I am very blessed. Springtime in Eugene is pretty and enchanting. My math and ministry work is enjoyable and rewarding. Smiley is delightful and kind. My wife is beautiful and caring. God is faithful and good.

May you have a blessed and happy time of Pesach, Easter, and Spring!
David V.S.

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