Friday, April 24, 2009

Three Videos, Two Milestones

Three new and current videos today!

First, sorry for so little blogging this past week. Smiley has been sick all week. He probably caught it at his doctor appointment last Thursday, or mine the day after.

But today he is feeling a bit better.

For months he has known about noses, and my wife and I say "beep" when he touches our noses. Earlier in April he also learned about eyes and ears. This morning he reliably identified eyes and nose on stuffed animals for the first time.

(Most exciting about this video is the context. He was identifying his bunny's eyes early in the morning. Later in the morning the aspirator was needed, and it became a fun thing instead of a bravely endured trauma. I have no idea why. But to reinforce that change we were playing at using it on his stuffed animal dog, Cerebus. A few minutes later the video was recorded.)

Smiley also learned how to climb onto the green chair in early April. This is where I read to him and give him a bottle before bedtime. He wanted to climb onto it to get to the pacifiers we keep beside it on his toy chest. Now, when he is tired, he has no trouble climbing up to get a pacifier. But today he not only took a pacifier but also one of the blue schmatas he holds while falling asleep, and sat in the green chair instead of climbing down. Seeing this, I asked if he wanted a book. He giggled, which is his normal way of saying yes. I gave him his favorite book, Good Night, Gorilla, and he proceeded to rehearse going to bed.

The third of today's video is not about a developmental milestone, just a small situaitonal victory. For weeks he has been wanting to play with the tulips but was not allowed. Today the tulips started losing their petals, so he was given some to play with. It turns out they are not amazing entertaining after all. I'm not sure which of us was more disappointed.

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